Lifestyle, Portrait, and Action Photographer

Hello, I am


I am located in the Quad City area of Iowa and Illinois. While I am from Port Byron, I cover the entire QC and surrounding area. I got into photography many years ago, especially as digital photography came about, and really focused on perfecting my abilities when my children became active in sports and activities. I now take a camera, or two, with me nearly everywhere I go. 

If you take a look through my galleries, you will notice that I do sports photography, senior photos, portrait photography, and just plain fun photography. 

My favorite shots usually aren’t the ones that I am trying with someone to create, but those that really capture an amazing ‘moment.’ These are the photos that you look at and just see the emotion, curiosity or pure enjoyment!

In addition to having a couple of active children, seems like I always have a couple of potential subjects (yep, the four legged and furry type) ready to ‘volunteer’ at home. For the most part they are willing to take part in a photo or two, but I usually have to bribe them just a bit with a treat!

If you are in the QC area and are looking for someone to capture those special moments, contact me.  

If you want to see more of my work, you can always browse my portfolio!

Along with taking photos, I am a husband and parent of two very active teenage daughters. In addition to family I am also involved in many other activities from coaching to volunteering and also have a full time career where I am able to utilize both my creative and technical knowledge! I mention this to keep you aware that while I will always return phone calls, messages and e-mails, there may be times where it takes a little bit. Just want to get that out there in the event you send me a message and expect an immediate response. That being said, I will do my best to keep my schedule update for session availability at least 2-3 months in advance.